About Us

Rodeo Drive 1977. The sun shines brightly but Tinseltown is afflicted with fashion monotony. A trio of movie producers have nothing to wear, so they open a store and stock it with what they want - vintage military surplus - and they call the store Camp Beverly Hills. To prove their clothes are fun and sassy they stamp them with the now iconic Camp Beverly Hills logo.

The result? Pandemonium - a pop culture phenomenon was born. In the true Hollywood tradition, Camp Beverly Hills became an overnight sensation, not to mention a celebrity obsession. Camp Beverly Hills tees were collected and worn by a young Drew Barrymore, Barbara Streisand at the height of her fame, Jane Fonda at her legendary fitness studio and scores of other stars. They somehow knew that Camp Beverly Hills was the first classic American sportswear brand; the first to successfully brand the California lifestyle; the first to create a frenzy from a simple T-shirt; the first to kidnap the sweatsuit from the running track.

Now Camp Beverly Hills is back by popular demand. January 2012 marks the re-launch of the iconic Camp Beverly Hills T-shirt, the opening of our online boutique and the beginning of more great things to come.