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Camp Beverly Hills was established in 1977 by a trio of movie producers who felt it was time for L.A. to own its casual and comfortable style. In the true Hollywood tradition, CBH became an overnight sensation, not to mention a celebrity obsession. Our tees were collected and worn by a young Drew Barrymore, Barbra Streisand at the height of her fame, Jane Fonda at her legendary work-out studio and scores of other stars such as Ozzy Osbourne and Lindsey Buckingham, to name a few.

A casual outfit that makes me dream
about sunny California!
- Valentina Introvigno from

So in love with this t-shirt,
I wore it in and out of the house
during the long weekend, one of the
best quality tee shirts I have owned.
- Mrs. Hallie Swanson from

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